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REVIEW: Tragic Sarah - Shh (Louis La Roche Remix)

The exciting and witty Tragic Sasha partners with electronic trendsetter Louis La Roche for “Shh” (Louis La Roche Remix), a danceable and fun tune melding both artists seamlessly on the track.

La Roche’s hand in this has turned what was a great tune for listening into a great tune for dancing. With funky bass and driving percussion, both characteristics of his Nu-Disco style, the instrumental pairs perfectly with Sasha’s witty and satirical brand of pop. La Roche adds

individual flair as well, with bells closing the track and a lead melody on strings.

Sasha’s songs perfectly encapsulate her mid-20s life that so many can relate to, especially in a city like London where she now lives. Having previously released tracks such as ‘Ouch!’, ‘Fall on my Feet’ and ‘Picking Flowers’ she is no stranger to successful releases, but this is one of her first official remixes. This pairing, on “Shh” (Louis La Roche Remix), stands to show the brilliance both artists have in their own areas of expertise, and that together they make quite a Team.

The track “perfectly suits the tone of my music,” explains Sasha. “It’s really, really fun and I’ve

been dancing around it a few too many times...”.

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