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  • Ellie McGuire

Review: X Revolution ‘Power Games’

“It's my struggle with power growing up and how I viewed it; except I am fully aware of it through some form of self-reflection and have decided to own it for myself and not use it over others.”

X Revolution is an artist who uses his talents to inspire and educate others about life's greater purpose. His latest song, ‘Power Games’, blurs the boundaries between hip-hop and rap, delving into important life subjects.

He used Tracklib to sample older recordings, combining them with additional ambience and FX. X Revolution lyrically discussed his childhood experiences with power, advising against it and encouraging reflection.

Establishing a strong base from his earlier work, he creates an engrossing composition that demonstrates his range as a musician and emphasises his dedication to sincerity and openness.

In conclusion, X Revolution’s new single ‘Power Games’ is a testament to his extraordinary and evergrowing music catalogue.

Be sure to check out, ‘Power Games’:



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