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Rheez drops new hard-hitting new single “Temporary Forever”

Maltese-born and UK-raised, Rheez’s upbringing is his musical identity, and is apparent in all his work - urban UK influenced tunes but with a twist. Introduced to music at age 12, Rheez has been refining his musical palette for quite some time. Growing up, he listened to Gorillaz, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and Red Hot Chili Peppers, but when stumbling into his teens he found 90s hip-hop music.

Rheez has returned with his new single “Temporary Forever,” a track that discusses a hard breakup and learning from his mistakes. The track features drums that smash through the mix and heartwarming synths whilst hard-hitting and straight-talking bars can be found on top alongside infectious vocal lines in the chorus. It’s clear to see that ‘Temporary Forever’ is a big-hitter with firm roots in Rnb.

Discussing the release Rheez explains: “My goal with the track is to give an insight on a relationship of love that didn’t workout due to circumstances beyond control, and even though things hurt, we must reflect on them to move forward in our lives.”

With a musical-storm approaching, we expect a whirlwind of releases to see out the rest of 2022. Proving to be one to watch, the artist says himself.. ‘Don’t sleep on the Rheez’.



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