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Richmond, US-hailing indie R&B artist Santi Castro reveals hopeful new single

Richmond, US-hailing indie R&B artist Santi Castro has consistently proven to be the total package. Going from strength to strength with his previous releases, ‘Hope’ is the latest offering from Santi.

A track that describes new beginnings, the track resides in a gorgeous pop-soul soundscape. Santi brings us an artists recount of positivity and endeavour in navigating the inbetween times.

Speaking about the new release, Santi shares ““Hope” depicts my current real life situation in high resolution. No tricks, no flash just the fire. It is a reflection to pass on the lessons learned and to acknowledge the next chapter, which might open before the last was properly closed. The feeling is that everything will come and now it is certain, but it came from hope.”

Adding to how the track was created, Santi explains, “I started with the keyboard parts and then built the drum groove and bass parts. Immediately after, I wrote the verses and pre chorus. I recorded what I had and listened back until I started hearing a chorus that could tie everything together. I recorded the chorus and bridge next, adding harmonies and details. It was a great session the whole song took about 3 hours.