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Ridi drops Indo-Western pop number “Bang Bang”

Swiss-based singer-songwriter Ridi follows up recent hit “Merry Go Round,” with infectious yet moody Indo-Western pop number “Bang Bang,” led by sultry yet powerful vocals over a catchy instrumentation.

Produced by Jungle Boi, who has worked with renowned artists like Zayn Malik, and hinged on Ridi’s trademark culturally rich, vibrant showcase of her Indian heritage, the anthemic production perfectly marries a timeless maturity with modern charm, supported by carefree celebration and expression.

The track which explores feelings of jealously and the relatable burden of feeling like we’re not good enough in comparison to that “perfect someone,” is deep dive into Ridi’s own experiences but with a deeply relatable message reminding us that chasing after perfection is not always necessary.

An empowering talent who strikes a balance between vulnerability and uplifting, Ridi who is also an anti-bullying activist with her own foundation Stop The B, is made for stardom and quickly achieving it on a global level.

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