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Rising afrobeats star DG GIAA drops double single release 'Message' & 'Jazz Hole Ikoyi'

In the ever-evolving landscape of Afrobeat and Amapiano fusion, DJ GIAA has emerged as a luminary, intriguingly shrouded in mystery behind his distinctive mask. Hailing from Washington but firmly rooted in his Nigerian heritage, this enigmatic artist has recently unveiled a two-track project, provocatively titled "Afrobeat meets Amapiano." Comprising the infectious tracks "Message" and "Jazz Hole Ikoyi," DJ GIAA once again mesmerizes audiences, offering the perfect soundtrack to the summer season.

"Message," the project's first jewel, emerges as a standout. DJ GIAA wields his lyrical prowess with finesse, utilizing Nigerian street slang to delve into the intricate world of internet fraud within his homeland. Against an Amapiano-infused backdrop, driven by pulsating drums, the result is an intoxicating concoction of feel-good vibes and a sonic signature that's unmistakably DJ GIAA.

Paired seamlessly with "Message" is the equally charming "Jazz Hole Ikoyi." This track radiates an infectious energy, inviting listeners into a world of jubilation and camaraderie. It serves as the quintessential sonic companion to launch gatherings or ignite the weekend's celebratory spirit. Dance elements woven into the music ensure that each listening moment is an enthralling and rhythmic experience.

The "Afrobeat meets Amapiano" project underscores DJ GIAA's versatility and ingenuity. His music is a passport to a realm where boundaries blur, and dance floors beckon. Behind the mask, he invites us to shed inhibitions and immerse ourselves in the sheer joy of music.

As the summer season unfolds, DJ GIAA's latest project stands as the ultimate soundtrack. It's a call to dance, a celebration of life, and an embodiment of the unbridled euphoria this season embodies. "Afrobeat meets Amapiano" is a testament to DJ GIAA's ability to craft irresistible sonic journeys that transcend borders, all while maintaining an air of mystique that keeps us enchanted.

Stream 'Message' here:

Stream 'Jazz Hole Ikoyi' here:


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