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Rising Artist Eric Ashton Spooner Releases Idyllic New Single "You're Kind"

Today, singer & mental health advocate Eric Ashton Spooner releases his latest release "You're Kind," a nod to reconnecting in a world that has been apart for so long.

"You're Kind" follows the 2021 release "Get It Back" which received support from the likes of The Times Bulletin, Broadcast Cover, and several other pertinent sites. The touching ballad is something of an ode for Spooner saying "It’s a reminder of how disconnected we’ve been since the pandemic and how much we need to reconnect," when he was asked about the song. After being away from one another, whether it be loved ones or serendipitous strangers becoming friends, Spooner knows the significance human connection has on someone's mind. As a strong advocate for mental health, Spooner blends his passions — music & speaking about mental health — throughout the song. "You’re Kind” is about connection with another soul, it’s a celebration of two souls meeting and finding friendship and love," he states.

With his extensive groundwork in mental health and in music, it's clear that the music industry needs someone just like Eric Ashton Spooner reminding us that, despite everything going on, we can all celebrate finding new love & friendships.

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