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  • Paul Riley

Rising Artist mickey jas Unveils Inspirational New Track “Better Me”

Rising singer, songwriter and producer mickey jas has unveiled his latest single, “Better Me”. Hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, mickey only burst onto the scene earlier this year but made a big impression with the March release of his outstanding debut single, “Angel Child”, and he looks set to keep his momentum going with new single “Better Me”.

Produced by mickey, the track stands out on first listen with its captivating and versatile production alongside mickey’s stunningly soulful vocals. It’s elevated further by a slew of infectious melodies and a huge anthemic hook that will no doubt be ingrained into everyone’s head as mickey sings about becoming a better person. “I’m a better me / I’m a better me / Can’t you see”, he croons on the inspirational track.

Speaking further on the new release, mickey says, “This song was inspired by recent life changes that have me thriving. These include new sources of income as well as blocking out those who have made my life less enjoyable over the years. I completed this song within one week and used as many elements as possible to fully illustrate my current emotions. I am very excited to see how ‘Better Me’ connects with different types of listeners.”

“Better Me” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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