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  • Paul Riley

Rising Rapper Feloneye Drops Phenomenal New Single “Rockstar”

Updated: Aug 25, 2022

Feloneye is a Berlin-based rapper and singer whose records and collaborations inimitably fuse hip-hop, pop and trap. He passionately examines his hustle, sharing the pain and ecstasy of relationships, street tales and overcoming hardships while incorporating inspiring credos. His sound? A slick, echoed voice bent into half-rapped, half-sung shapes. Feloneye sings with an instinctive feel for melodic hooks and imbues his work with his pulsating energy, as can be heard on brand-new release “Rockstar”.

With “Rockstar”, Feloneye releases his biggest collaboration yet alongside rapper King Staccz, who boasts over 35 million Spotify streams. The song stands out immediately with their impressive rap flows and lyricism as they no doubt look set for another hit. Described by the pair as a smart take on the hedonistic lifestyle of a baller, the track invites the listener to also go and enjoy the high life and arrives alongside equally impressive visuals filmed in New York City.

Elaborating further, Feloneye says, “My inspiration on this track is an example of my life ­– like I’m a rockstar but I don‘t want to grow up. Been traveling all around the world living that life. I was in the studio with producer Pablo, and he opened up the sample that was orchestrated by rizzo8, who is an RIAA Platinum sample maker. We were really feeling the vibe so Pablo and me came up with the melody, then I wrote the hook, laid down the verse, and he was like, ‘yo my mate Staccz in New York would sound crazy on this one.’ That’s how the feature came into existence. Upon coming to New York, we went crazy shooting the video – it’s a whole movie. Staccz gave us the whole New York experience!”

King Staccz adds, “The music video was really exciting. We went to the Brooklyn Bridge. Cars were flying by in the dark. The lights were hitting. It was nothing but vibes only. From the jump when I was first sent the song to record on it, I was like, ‘this is a hit!’”

“Rockstar” is available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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