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Rising Star Adam Wilson Shares Stunning New EP Awake

Rising R&B artist Adam Wilson has returned with his brand-new EP, Awake, a six-track collection of smooth, soulful R&B that captures the essence of what the genre is all about – strong, emotive vocals and stunning storytelling. Having already made an impression with previous projects Dear So & So and Dreams, the Chicago-born, LA-based artist looks set to continue his ascent in the R&B scene with this new release.

Playing violin since the age of four and finding his voice and picking up other instruments along the way, Adam has been involved in music his whole life. This lifelong experience is captured on Awake, which is entirely self-produced. Lead single “Uninvolved”, which provides one of the many highlights on the EP, showcases not only Adam’s polished production skills but also his captivating vocals and impressive songwriting abilities as he opens up about recognising an unhealthy relationship, drawing on themes of self-realisation and reflection. With an emotion-evoking piano over modern beats, the track recalls the likes of James Blake and Majid Jordan.

Speaking further on “Uninvolved”, Adam says, “I was living in NYC, and I walked through a random park and ran into someone that I was seeing with another man's arm around her. I went back to my Brooklyn apartment distraught, and the song was produced and written within three hours. It all came so naturally.

“‘Uninvolved’ is about coming to a point of realising that a relationship is no longer good for you. Being in a relationship, to me, is about growing together and encouraging each other's best selves. This song is about self-worth and knowing that you deserve more in a relationship, and that sometimes cutting things off is the best thing you can do for your health and happiness.”

With another impressive body of work under his belt, Adam is undoubtedly one to watch out for in the R&B scene. And with plans to keep new content coming, it’ll be exciting to see what’s next from this hugely talented artist.

“Uninvolved” and the rest of Awake are available to buy/stream now on all platforms.

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