• Ami Row

Rising Star Neolithic Shines On Latest Single 'Sick (At All)'

Before branching out into his solo career, Neolithic had been an integral factor in the writing and recording process of music from popular Irish band Nobody's Heroes. Not forgetting his long track-record of performing in countless musical events in Ireland over the past decade, which has contributed to the success of his launch as a solo artist.

Now, on a quest to conquer the scene by himself, we see Neolithic release his latest single, Sick (At All) - an overall, authentically personal, jazzy, hip-hop beat. Opening with, what some might say ironic, neo-soul chord progressions, listeners are plunged into a marshmallow of harmony before Neolithic is introduced. His distinctive intonations, which provide a fresh quality, enable him to deliver the profound lyrics he has created clearly, so that what is being said can be understood too.

To hear the heartfelt track by Neolithic, head over to his relevant streaming platforms and be sure to follow him on social media. OUT NOW.

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Words provided by Charlotte Bromley