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Rising Talent Jay Moussa-Mann Returns With Energetic New Single 'American Tennessee'

Jay Moussa-Mann's fun-loving and energetic new track is 'American Tennessee', released on 22nd October. It follows the steady stream of single releases Jay has been gifting us with over the course of the past year, in the lead up to an album which is soon to be released.

We adore the creative approach to music-making Jay takes, who always thinks outside of the box with her visuals and story-telling - she is a multidisciplinary artist too; gifted not only at songwriting, but at animation, film-making and more. Jay is sure to continue to grow a dedicated fanbase if she keeps the momentum going.

This latest single is perhaps her most memorable yet, with its upbeat, feel-good music and lyrics. You are sure to be transported into another world with this one; enjoy going on the journey with Jay. The artist explains: "This is a song about moving on, where the character goes into a hyper-real fantasy world of the American Dream - what she really wants is the world she’s seen on film, that only lives in her head."

Listen to 'American Tennessee' right here:

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