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Rona Mac releases infectious new single ‘Pennies’

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

Rona Mac takes influence from her origins in North Wales. Her music is reminiscent of rolling hills and idyllic rural fields, coming in the form of a tranquil, divine and infectious tune ‘Pennies.’ Her voice is tinged with rawness and passion but dancing on top of the mix softly. Her music aims for people to open up and connect.

Speaking further about this she says: “This song is about weighing up and juggling many things, caught in a frenzy of 5 jobs, being broke and a bit broken, and considering moving in with my girlfriend 1 month into the relationship to save on money, rather than waiting for the right time. I felt I was losing myself in a rising tide.”

Only releasing music since 2020, it’s clear to see how much Rona has improved her craft. With a fanbase growing, and some exciting projects in the pipeline, we can only imagine her going right to the top.



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