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  • Ellie McGuire

Ross Alan finds a revelation on ‘Homesick’

Ross Alan’s latest single ‘Homesick’ is a revelation. They have been making waves with their unique sound and approach to music, blending elements of both country and pop to create a truly emotive experience. With their latest single, 'Homesick', they have once again delivered an incredibly sonically impressive offering that combines ambient vibes with a little country twang to create a sensual pop experience.

'Homesick', is a powerful and heartfelt anthem about missing home. The track opens with a steady drum beat that adds tension to the song as it builds, eventually leading into a lush chorus that contains elements of country music and ambient soundscapes. The lyrics are both engaging and relatable, with Ross Alan singing about how homesickness can bring out different emotions in us all – whether it is nostalgia or just longing for something more.

The production on this track is simply stunning. From the subtle nuances of the instrumentation to the soaring melodies, each element works in perfect harmony to create an atmosphere that instantly draws you in and makes you feel right at home. This is further heightened by Ross Alan's delivery which is both passionate and sincere, making their words come across even more powerfully.

Overall, 'Homesick' is a beautiful blend of country-tinged pop that manages to capture all the emotion behind being homesick in one powerful song. It's an incredibly moving number that showcases Ross Alan's immense talent as an artist, creating a sonic experience that will stay with you long after your first listen. If you're looking for something special to add to your playlist this summer, 'Homesick' is definitely worth checking out.

Ross Alan comments on the track, “I always felt out of place growing up. When I was 18, I moved away from Ohio and my family for the first time. Going to college 800 miles away, my first quarter ended for winter break and everyone complained about how they were ‘Homesick’. I realised I wasn't and I had never missed Ohio because it never felt like home. How do you navigate life as you blossom into an adult when you don't know what home is? That's what the song is about.”

Be sure to check out ‘Homesick’:

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