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Runrummer unveils the breezy new single ‘All I Wanted Was To Be Romantic’

Runrummer's latest single is out now, released ahead of her debut album as the sparkling energiser 'All I Wanted Was To Be Romantic'. Taking a vintage twinged electronica soundscape and creating a grooving alt-pop narrative around love on thin ice, Runrummer showcases her easy-going yet thoughtful songwriting abilities.

With thick bass movements laced with unfiltered pulses, fuzzy lead melodies and bright arpeggios, each layer of synths feeds into the pre-emptive nostalgia. Above the punchy kick drum and twinkling arrangement come light and breezy vocals, laced with a slight sadness but able to pull themselves into contentment with a faux-cheerful attitude, contrasting her lyricism with the emotions of the vocal harmony beneath her.

Inspired by the sounds of Metronomy and Parcels, Runrummer has harnessed a talent for blending catchy indie electronica with thoughtful lyricism. Supported by Kitsuné Musique, BBC Introducing and the PRS Foundation, the artist has played festivals across France, toured the UK and been awarded funding for her debut album ‘Elevator’ as part of a Women Make Music award.

Runrummer comments*, “‘All I Wanted Was To Be Romantic’ is a song about falling for your best friend; thinking that you’re both on the same page and then coming to the realisation that they just don’t feel the same way, and you will be left forever longing for a love which cannot be”.



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