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Sabbir Nasir Teams Up With Apeiruss For Moving Protest Single 'Drowning'

Highlighting the plight of many across the globe, Sabbir Nasir discusses the ongoing problems with Human Trafficking across the world on 'Drowning'. Teaming up with fellow musicians Apeiruss, the new single is aimed at both raising awareness and also raising funds for The Outlaw Ocean Project, a project focused on raising awareness of the crimes that occur out at sea which includes human trafficking.

Accompanied by a powerful video directed by Shahrear Polock which really hammers home the message behind the song, 'Drowning' manages to tread the line between being a catchy, danceable pop song whilst still retaining it's raw emotion. Blending swelling, washy synths, airy vocal samples, a pulsing dance beat with a fluid, funk infused bass line and subtle guitar lines, 'Drowning' builds a solid EDM-pop soundscape which is packed with commercial appeal. Sabbir's emotive vocals are given the space to shine over the instrumentation as he demonstrates his undeniable vocal ability.

Watch the stunning new video below:

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