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SAL releases dreamy new single ‘Issues’

With her first two singles, ‘Bullet In The Heart’ and ‘Everything’ both receiving acclaim from radio and music media in Ireland, SAL’s third single ‘Merry Go Round’ saw her go No. 1 on the Irish iTunes charts. She has played prestigious venues and festivals in both the UK and Germany and received praise across Ireland and now London as she grows her audience through intimate live shows.

SAL’s latest single ‘Issues’ is as dreamy and unique as we’ve come to expect. Flowing keys, acoustic guitar and gently optimistic drums surround our ears. Her vocal performance is vibrant and sunny, mellow and spacey, taking us by the hand and accented lines with pretty vocal harmony. Fuzzy electric guitars and backing vocals create a gorgeous counter melody that makes this a pure indie pop anthem.

SAL shares on the new release, “‘Issues’ is a song that allows space for that voice in your head that you so often keep inside. The voice that doesn’t speak up and stand its ground, is suddenly liberated and set free through this song. It is a song written from the perspective of being tired of patience, and tired of waiting and instead choosing to let go”



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