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Sam Himself releases euphoric indie rock single 'Golden Days'

Sam Himself is a Swiss born now NYC based indie rocker that provides a sense of purpose in his music that most people struggle with. Sparking intrigue between the great Bruce Springsteen and The National, Sam borders the lines so finely and precisely with his musical tone and prowess. His soft and swooning baritone vocal is something that is individual to him and himself alone (no pun intended), and it gently commands your attention.

After the success of his debut album 'Power Ballads' last year, he has done the opposite of what most do in his position and rest his mind from creating music. Instead, Sam Himself is back with a new LP in 2023, with the scintillating indie rock ballad 'Golden Days' as a first taste of what's to come. A slow burning, epic offering, producer Daniel Schlett (The War On Drugs) working alongside Sam have formed something really special and understatedly and musically moreish.

Drummer Chris Egan (Blood Orange) also puts in own stamp on proceedings and makes the track whole. 'Golden Days' os another stirring example of why Sam Himself is getting the rep that he is, and we can't wait for the second album to arrive.

Listen to 'Golden Days' here:

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