• joe3636

Sam Himself's rich indie-rock tones hit deep in 'Mr Rocknroll'

Sam Himself is becoming one of the most recognisable voices around, and a soundscape that simply delights at every opportunity. After a highly successful 2022, he closes the year with another teaser from his second album , with the intoxicating rock-pop dazzler 'Mr Rocknroll'.

Produced by longtime producer Daniel Schlett (War on Drugs, Iggy Pop), the synth rock sound carries through once again, and is captivating from the off. Sam's gravelly and raspy vocals are so immersive and openly intimate, and it feels like he is literally sat right next to you singing. The melody sits so brilliantly on top of the 80s synth rock underbelly that has been created, and it then explodes into the chorus where Sam explores a whole other dynamic entirely.

Sam Himself continues to impress and innovate, and 'Mr Rocknroll' is just another step to what is going to be a stunning sophomore album.

Listen to 'Mr Rocknroll here'