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Sambox dazzles on his latest two-track EP 'Deep Time'

Ever since he first emerged, French composer and producer Sambox has been on an incredibly broad and diverse journey. Turning out a wealth of album, EP, and single releases as often as possible, he looks to continue that shimmering ascent once again as he delivers the new two-track EP 'Deep Time'.

Stepping away from the normally orchestral approach he has taken in recent months, this new offering adopts an inspired electronic edge that heightens his innovative prowess even further. Including the sprawling efforts 'Better Life' and 'Feel The Summer Breeze, 'Deep Time' is a wonderfully warm and tranquil return for the beatmaker, experimenting with some of his most alluring ideas to date.

When you've been working on a catalogue as eclectic as Sambox has been over the years, there is always this tendency to find and cultivate new concepts for yourself. And 'Deep Time' shows that he is still very much on top of his creative game. Rich in bright and atmospheric textures throughout, we can't wait to hear where he plans to take his work next.

Enjoy 'Deep Time' below.



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