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  • Nova Holmes

San Diego producer StartfromSKratch levels up with feel-good house cut 'Dreamer'

Hailing from Chicago, IL, San Diego based producer StartfromSKratch is no stranger to a feel-good house cut. Following the release of his previous club heater ‘Of Yesterday’ earlier this year, the enigmatic artist now returns with his brand-new release ‘Dreamer’.

As the sun sets on the summer season, ‘Dreamer’ exists freely to remind house lovers that variety and energy remain key words all year round. Alongside a signature driving bassline and stacked synths, ‘Dreamer’ delivers a new-found emotive energy, fusing teasing builds with a smooth topline to produce a fun yet poignant track.

With an exemplary ear for sound, a talent for production, and an insatiable hunger for success, independent producer StartfromSKratch was encouraged to work creatively from a young age. Influenced by the likes of Don Diablo and Clean Bandit, he has developed his craft to become an entirely self-sufficient artist, producing, mixing and mastering all of his productions.

With a growing catalogue of hip-hop, jazz and funk infused productions, StartfromSKratch’s borderless and adventurous mentality is reflected in his discography, as he effortlessly floats between sub-genres.

A true perfectionist, StartfromSKratch’s sound continues to evolve, as does his desire to collaborate. Harnessing true encounters and emotions is second nature to this artist, as he creates an experience for fans, bringing like-minded individuals together in a safe space.

With support from global music blogs and 20,000 streams on his most recent single spurring him on to release three further funky house cuts in 2022, the sky is the limit for this exciting talent as he continues to intrigue listeners with a unique persona and consistently good club bangers.

As StartfromSKratch embarks on the next stage of his career and continues to forge his way, this release delivers several irresistible climactic moments to heat up the dancefloor, projecting the independent artist on an upward trajectory.

"For me, music is a collaborative art form drawing from all facets of life, past, present, and future. The way I hear songs and the way I produce songs is also influenced by different types of art such as painting, cooking, movies, cartoons, and literature. Every song I've produced started from a feeling, and most of the time was not calculated or planned. I gravitate towards vocal samples that express things I wish I had said to people in the past and samples that get an emotional reaction from me. I am currently writing my own music, but I love to collaborate with singers and songwriters. My music is the best way I know how to communicate what I am thinking, feeling, or dreaming."



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