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San Pacho drops massive electronic dance house banger 'Amor'

San Pacho is house artist who is unlike any other you have heard before. Making waves since his arrival in 2019 with his unique style and flow, he has come along in a relatively short space of time and announces himself once more in latest single 'Amor'. A real Spanish influence behind this one, the Spanish word for 'Love' is used throughout in a sample track, and encompasses a real stomper of a drop when it hits.

'Amor' is cleverly done by San Pacho, and even switches up into a a classical Spanish guitar playing in the middle which is a fun moment, before going back into his synonymous house roots. If you're a fan of Tchami then you'll be well into this thumping track. Check out 'Amor' now.

Listen to 'Amor' in full now:

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