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Sapling Unveils Brand-New Single 'My Body'

Introducing the Pop & Alt Pop artist Sapling who shines with new light in empowering single ‘My Body’.

Here's everything that you need to know!

Artist and producer Sapling was influenced by early folk, indie and protest music growing up now turns to her own expression of emotion and protest.

Her new single 'My Body' explores how herself and so many others have grown up with and live with their bodies and the everyday struggle that creates.

It's available on streaming platforms everywhere!

Sapling had this to say about the track,

“It’s about how it feels to be a woman walking past men down the street. It’s about the direct actions men have taken towards me as a result of my body. It’s about rejecting other people’s possession over my body and empowering myself. It’s about the never-ending commentary on what someone else’s body should look like despite the fact it belongs to them.”

There's also a new lyric video!

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