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Sarah Krimson embarks on journey of self-discovery with latest offering 'Urban Melancholia'

Photo credit: Gianluca Gattabria

Sarah Krimson is back with her brand-new six-track sophomore extended-play ‘Urban Melancholia’ infused with dark, mystery, and romance tones over the alt-pop genre that will capture the listeners attention from the very first note, released on April 14, 2023.

‘Urban Melancholia’ uses various instruments throughout the EP, like synth, piano, violin, guitar, and Japanese Koto. Accompanied by her beautiful and emotive vocals that bring each song to life in different ways, there’s a gripping mood throughout the six-tracks offering an engaging and resonating feel to the project as a whole.

‘September 15’

This gem symbolises the start of the journey of Sarah Krimson in London. The intro track showcases the sound a person new to the place hears when wandering through the big city at night.

‘Urban Melancholia’

This offering is a brief autobiography about Sarah Krimson’s experience when she first moved to London. Despite the cultural shock, setbacks, and lack of support from the people around her, she takes the enduring journey in pursuit of her dreams, all alone.


Discussing the pursuit of Sarah Krimson’s dreams, she embarks on a personal journey of self-discovery. The track describes the early stages of her career; from trying to find her unique sound to battling her inner demons. Amid the chaos, she temporarily lost herself to fear and self-sabotaging behaviours and found herself back again five-years later.

‘Call Me Back’

This track about the dreadful thoughts of not being able to return to London reopened the old wounds and deepened the depression and suicidal thoughts in Sarah Krimson. The track is a scream of pain, written in hopes to get the attention of someone else who can come and save her while she wallows in pain. But that someone else will never ‘call back’ because there is no one else besides herself.


Through the EP’s focus track of ‘Spine’, it discusses a heart-wrenching story that delves into the complexities of a toxic relationship that lasted a decade. With haunting melodies and poignant lyrics, Sarah captures the pain and hurt that can come from codependency and self-loathing.

Using just her guitar and raw talent, Sarah Krimson weaves a tale of fading passion and the misery that comes with it. Drawing parallels between the end of the relationship and the withering of red roses, her lyrics are both poetic and relatable. Through the pain of the breakup, Sarah finds solace in creating art, as she sings of "wrapping myself in endless roses".

But ‘Spine’ isn't just a simple breakup song. She cleverly incorporates Italian lyrics into the track, adding depth and nuance to the meaning behind the song. "E' fatta di spine" she sings, translating to "It's made out of thorns". The double meaning behind the title, referring to both the backbone of a relationship and the prickly nature of love, showcases Sarah's multi-lingual prowess and ability to craft thought-provoking lyrics. This is a track that is sure to resonate with anyone who has experienced the pain of a toxic relationship.

‘Bleeding Hearts’

A personal note by Sarah Krimson after spending years in therapy. She reflects on constant emotional triggers while battling her childhood traumas, and the need and inability to express herself. But, her journey of self-discovery came full circle when she received her first guitar and started writing songs.

“‘Urban Melancholia’ is about finding myself after years of searching,” Sarah Krimson comments on the EP.

'Urban Melancholia' is out on streaming platforms now. Check it out below:



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