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Sarah Lorente shares an amazing visual for new single "Always Be With You"

Music has always been the one thing that brings the Portland-based singer/songwriter Sarah Lorente to life.

Sarah has debuted a gorgeous new music video for her new single, “I’ll Always Be With You”. Luscious guitar chords leads the track as Sarah's soft yet mesmerizing vocals tell a deeply personal tale of love and redemption. We can definitely hear the Alanis Morissette influence in her songwriting and production, which brings us back to a time where pop music was a bit more simple, and for that I have come to love artists like Sarah for her nostalgic story-writing.

I remember being asked what the song of my heart might sound like in 5 years, what would I want to say? What might still be resonating as truth and inside of me? After hours a simple melody streamed out of me and every thought and emotion I had ever had about my children came bubbling out of me. This isn’t just a song to my children, although it tells a very deep story to those who know us, but it’s for everyone. We all need to know how deeply loved we are, how there is a love that will always be with us, will always hold us close and never fade.” - Sarah Lorente

Sarah has been singing since she was 9: singing in choirs, playing in bands, recording and working in studios, leading in churches and playing in clubs. Taking the stage has never been her driving force but now, more than ever, she has a melody to share with the world. It sounds like hope. It sounds like the broken pieces of her life woven back together in the most redemptive of tunes.

By not fitting into one genre, Sarah is a gemstone with so many different cuts that light is bound to reflect off of her from every angle. From the acoustic guitar to piano, she tends to write and play from the heart. Sarah is the one who says, it’s never too late, you’re never too young or old, too ugly or pretty, born with it, or just paying for it. We all have a voice to lend to one another’s worlds.

Credit: Lucas Sankey

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