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Sarah & the Sundays team up with The 100 Actress Eliza Taylor for "Vices" music video

If there was ever a sign of the talent of Austin-based band Sarah & the Sundays, it's a celebrated actress wanting to work with them so much she decided to direct a music video for them. The 100 actress Eliza Taylor became a full-fledged fan of the band after hearing their music & decided to make their song "Vices" her directorial debut.

Lead singer Liam dons clown make-up as he stumbles around LA, reeling from feeling a million of emotions since the ending of his relationship with (you guessed it) Eliza's character. When asked about the inspiration behind the visual, Taylor states "While lyrically Vices is a melancholy song about heartbreak, it has a cheerful and upbeat sound. We wanted to honor that juxtaposition in this video while telling a real story. We didn’t just want to make a music video, we wanted to make a short film about love lost and hope. I couldn’t be more thrilled with the finished product, especially with this being my directorial debut in the music space.””

Speaking further the band describes filming the music video as a theatrical journey.“The ‘Vices’ video follows a character throughout his journey to reconnect with a lost love. The song has many layers, so finding a narrative for the video was a thoughtful and exciting process. Working with Eliza Taylor was a dream come true! She added so much life to the project, on and off the camera.”

Check out the video now.

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