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Seafarers captivate on their shimmering new single 'Bedwetters'

Ever since they first broke through with their stunning debut album 'Orlando' in 2020, London's Seafarers have always looked to pursue a more heartwarming venture than most. And with their compelling sophomore LP 'II' rekindling that initial magic once again, they are now back with their shimmering new single 'Betwetters'.

Due to appear on their third studio album, which arrives in October, their newest endeavour is another shining example of their enigmatic presence over the years. Combining emotive songwriting with a truly euphoric indie-rock production as it plays, 'Betwetters' sees them returning for 2024 with style and flair at every turn.

Marking their first piece of new material in two years, 'Betwetters' already feels like the start of something new and exciting for them. Brimming with such warmth and allure throughout, this new album will certainly be making quite the impression when it finally arrives.



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