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SEGANA keep the vibes high on new single 'Mercy'

Ever since they first emerged with their breakthrough debut single 'Forget You' in 2018, Australian duo SEGANA have always looked to bring some new and interesting to the conventional pop sound. And after the rousing response to their stunning comeback cut 'Fever Dreams' earlier this year, the pair are back at it once again on their wondrous new offering 'Mercy'.

Exploring a bright and more euphoric aesthetic this time around, their newest gem is a fun and vibrant delight, brimming with infectious hooks throughout. Looking to blend their already progressive approach to production with killer hooks throughout, 'Mercy' could end up going down as their most enjoyable release to date.

Although the four-year gap before their roaring return earlier this year left many wondering where they had gone, it is abundantly clear that they have been using that break to create some of their most impressive work so far. Things may only just be beginning to start back up for SEGANA, but 'Mercy' is a strong and confident gem that shows they are firing on all cylinders once again.

Enjoy 'Mercy' below.



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