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Seno J's playful RnB single 'Bills' is worth your listen.

Have you ever imagined what Destiny's Child's legendary "Bills Bills Bills" might sound like if it was imbued with a powerful RnB and a South London edge? You landed on the right page! Seno J, a rising star from South London, is here to deliver smooth vocals and hard-hitting beats in the legendary sampled single, 'Bills,' contributing to the emerging RnB scene. While retaining the ability to remind us of his RnB roots, Seno J here crafts a special audio experience through a captivating sound approach.

Talking about the new track, Seno J shares:

“Me and Nostra (my producer) are one of the first creators of R&D (Rhythm and Drill) but we wanted to try and make it more R&B than drill. Nostra created the beat after being inspired by a classic sample - Destiny’s Child’s Bills - and I knew I had to jump on it ASAP. I wanted to write something that had a similar vibe to 50 Cent’s 21 questions - but an R&B version.”

Seno J being a significant figure within the UK scene, is bringing a fresh sound that few others can match, reworking classic rhythms to assure us all that the UK's RnB scene is here to stay. 'Bills' is out now!



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