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Shoffy shares vibrant new single 'love ya'

LA artist Shoffy is back with his warming new single 'love ya'. The ambient dance track flaunts playful pop elements and resonating soundscapes.

From the very first listen 'love ya' holds the promise that very few tracks offer; an instant nostalgic atmosphere that can take you back to distant yet meaningful memories. The track also carries an uplifting and optimistic notion, Shoffy explains the intention behind the track in further detail:

“This was a fun one to make. Upbeat dance/electronic vibes, and sort of a throwback to the dance stuff I grew up listening to. It’s really a feel good song to me, and I hope it just makes you want to dance and enjoy the carefree summer months. I wrote and produced this one - stoked how all the synth parts and chords came together.”

Listen to 'love ya' below!



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