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Sigrid Rosier unveils atmospheric phonk of ‘Grey’

Sigrid Rosier's 'Grey', opens with atmospheric phonk production the plucky synth melody and otherworldly piano tones quickly giving way to raw, wobbling sub-bass and heavily processed vocal performances. The kick drum takes hold for a moment, sending audiences into a chorus of bouncy, clicky percussion, intrusive movement supercharging Sigrid's performance as the electronic design utterly surrounds the listener.

The performance continues to grab the listener expanding the pain of the story as the delivery becomes almost panicked among the sounds, before the piano returns for one final moment, ending the track in suspense.

Based in Los Angeles, Sigrid Rosier’s intentions are pioneering for electronic music, with her provocative sounds defying categorisation and bending electronic genres together. The release of her debut album Trinity, saw widespread acclaim, setting her up perfectly for a new EP on the horizon.

Revealing an insight into her upcoming EP, Sigrid adds, “The majority of the work was written when I was a teenager. They are based on real events. The world was such a myth when we were young, we didn't know who we wanted to be but still had way too much fun doing absolutely nothing. Personally, the time of youth deserves to be celebrated, no matter the fragility. And I want to preserve my youth with this EP.”



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