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  • Rose Shannonn

Sintra unleashes brand new track 'Boss'

Nashville based DJ and Producer Dennis Mongan, aka Sintra, got his first taste of electronic music while at Bonnaroo music festival in TN. Shortly after that experience, curiosity led him to discover Ableton and he’s been working on music ever since. Taking a different approach to music creation Sintra began to experiment and take inspiration from a wide variety of sources and scenes distilling his sound into a bold bass heavy style of his own.

After the success of his debut single “Break” and garnering support from Dr. Fresch and securing an upcoming gig with Steve Aoki, Sintra is back with a new darker and more vibey Bass House original single titled “Boss.” The confident sounding drop will surely get dancefloors shuffling.

"Boss" was the song that started it all. I was searching for a new direction and at the time was feeling inspired by the music I was hearing in the bass house scene. One day I sat down in the studio and told myself, "you know who you are, just enjoy the process and have fun with it". I made "Boss" that day, the Sintra project was born shortly after.” - Sintra


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