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  • Rose Shannonn

Sintra unleashes brand new track 'Heat'

The 26 year old Nashville based artist Sintra has solidified his spot as a must watch in the electronic music scene. Having developed a fascination for electronic music, Dennis Mongan aka Sintra launched his artist project and began to experiment, taking inspiration from a wide variety of sources and distilling a bold bass heavy style of his own. Sintra's work can be found at the crossroads of driving basslines, lush vocals and crisp, imaginative production.

2021 marks the launch of the Sintra project, one that has been off to an incredible start with support from the likes of Dr. Fresch. Sintra has made a name for himself with notable remixes such as SIDEPIECE's "Acrobatic". Having shared the stage with the likes of Dr. Fresch and upcoming shows with Steve Aoki & Bijou, Sintra has quickly solidified himself as one of the most unique emerging dance music artists in Nashville and is starting to turn some heads across the nation. His new single “Heat” is out now and it’s a dark and gritty original that has a bit different vibe to it compared to prior releases.

“I wanted to create something different and had been really inspired by a lot of the music I was hearing in the mid tempo space. I put my own twist on the style and am really happy with how it came out. I love making different genres and experimenting. “Sintra” was never meant to fit in a specific genre. It’s more of a vibe.” - Sintra



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