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Sis Shares Stunning New EP 'Gnani'

Atmospheric, experimental and beautiful, Sis (Jenny Gillespie Mason) shines on the new EP Gnani. Full of moments of magic, jazzy influences and packed with inventive musical ideas and intriguing lyricism, the EP is not only an interesting listen but packs depth.

From the opening track, previous single ‘Double Rapture’, Sis flex's her impressive soundscapes packed with vintage synths (Clavinet, Phillicordia, Rhodes, B3 Hammond organ, Farfisa and ARP Odyssey) along with appearances from Brijean Murphy (congas, bongos, percussion) and Doug Stuart (bass).

Across the five tracks, sis creates mellow, haunting, synth heavy songs. Although often labelled as synth-pop, I would steer away from calling the EP pop as to oversampling the pure slender in the richness of the musicality on show. The EP doesn't rely on catchy vocals allowing the rich instrumentation to shine. The sheer blend of sounds, moving chord structures and development in the melodies is astonishing and well beyond any of my expectations for the EP. A must listen for me.

Watch the video for 'Wooie' here:

Track Listing:

  1. Double Rapture

  2. Wooie

  3. Flower In Space

  4. Light Is There

  5. Embodiment

  6. Gazelle Rites

Listen below:


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