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SLATER releases the emotionally charged ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’

SLATER is an artist that has become known for his unforgettably energetic stage performances, approaching each set with unparalleled passion. The artist has sold out a range of London headlines and performed across festival stages building up his reputation.

The latest track from SLATER is the single ‘Nothing’s Ever Ok’. Opening with a bittersweet haze during the intro, the track then rockets into a high-octane rock screamer. Driving, distorted guitars fill the soundscape whilst atmospheric drums work with the bass to define each sections ever-dynamic energy. The vocals find an ability to cry out above the noise, refusing the be drowned out the by the aggressive instrumentation that lies beneath. SLATER brings a frustrated and melancholic performance that echoes the intensely emotional lyricism, exploring themes of struggling with a bleak illness, something that is affecting you and those around you, as well as keeping your emotions in control.

SLATER shares, "We all face unfathomable moments of despair requiring strength and mental stability when we can least afford it. Nothing's Ever Ok is a story of a loved one battling the big ‘C’ whilst facing the effects of our crumbling NHS. Left with the choice of staying here, watching it spread, or going home and leaving behind her entire life in pursuit of getting better.

This song highlights more than just its main topic, exploring deeper issues of cultural and political propaganda, spread by the mainstream media. With a global pandemic, a war on our doorstep, and people draining food banks, we are virtually hypnotised into believing nothing will ever be okay."



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