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Small-town indie rockers Litvar release spellbinding alt-rock single 'Alone (Not Lonely)'

Litvar are an unconventional trio from Willimantic, Connecticut who seem to break the boundaries of what we call traditional indie-rock music. They blend indie-pop and rock nuances to create a sound which travels far and wide to say the least, with so much to love about their multi-faceted sound.

They return in 2023 with the epic alt-rock exploration 'Alone (Not Lonely)'. Their songs are always a journey, perfectly exemplified by the first minute of the track, where it's a gentle ,delicate and beautifully presented alt-pop introduction, which fans of The 1975 will simply love. The chorus then seeps into a full band performance which so many complex production touches that really take Litvar to another level.

“We first started working on Alone (Not Lonely) in February of 2021, beginning with just a chopped guitar loop that became the backbone of the song. It ended up becoming one of our favorite songs to play live, so when it came time to record our second album it was at the top of the list.

A sarcastic love song for the ages, 'Alone (Not Lonely)' is a brilliantly written single that will appeal to lovers of pop, rock, and everything in between. Check it out now.

Stream it here:

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