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Snowfish release irresistible new album "The Monster Upstairs"

Brothers Jordan, Solomon, and Kalan Rodrigues are the masterminds behind Snowfish. Their sound is a colourful music melting pot that pays homage to greats such as Muse, Radiohead, and The Beatles with thrashing riffs, smashing drums and infectious vocals. Their live performances are energetic, and this paired with their fantastic sound makes them a force to be reckoned with.

Their latest offering, album "The Monster Upstairs" showcases their unique sound. Hard-hitting tracks such as “Burn From Within” and “Chemicals" are packed with aggression and groove. Drums smash through the mix, whilst tightly-penned guitar riffs ebb and flow between each other. Tracks like "Maybe" are vulnerable offerings that showcase the power of Snowfish's vocal lines - infectious and irresistible.

Speaking further about the album, they say: “The Monster Upstairs album is multi-layered in that it represents a fight not only within your own head, but with the world around you. The Monster Upstairs represents a common enemy that we all face with a power above us wanting to make us small and useless. You have to stand up to that power and resist.”

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