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Soulful and sassy, 'This is How' is up there with the greatest releases of 2021

You could picture this track as the backdrop to the world's most iconic tv shows. Not surprising in the slightest, 'This is How' was featured on MTV's show 'The Hills: New Beginnings'. A soulful interpretation about taking control, the track was written by Amarachi and Fiona Reid.

Further produced by Nick and Mike Squillante from band Running Lights, the track musically sounds somewhere between soul and pop avenues. In an industry that feels watered down, 'This is How' comes across as a breath of fresh air.

Sharing her thoughts on the release, Amarachi shares, “It’s an optimistic song about individuals having the power to control the ending of their story.”

Prone to the appeal of feel-good film lovers, Amarachi’s distinctive songwriting could easily land her a sync deal within a matter of months.

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