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Spang Sisters are back with a brand new track 'Eddie Murphy'

Honing their craft, and building their fanbase across both sides of the atlantic; emerging artist Spang Sisters are back with a retro-style pop-led track for their first release of the year, as they share their new single ‘Eddie Murphy’. 

Written in Bristol and produced in Brighton; the narrative places the universal experience of a romantic break-up within a vibrant soundscape of glimmering guitar riffs and melodic pop beats. With a distinctly vintage pop sound, the captivating sonic landscape channels the soft textures of artists such as Hall and Oates. 

Talking about the song, “Eddie Murphy depicts the breakdown of a relationship,” explains Rachid; one half of Spang Sisters “Wherein the one antidote seems to be an extraneous and seemingly irrelevant source. In this case, it is an Eddie Murphy movie”.

Alongside the single, the duo also released a brand new music video to accompany the song. Directed by Marie Dutton and Benjamin Spike Saunders, the visuals draw on a comimical puppet based imagery, that details a love story between a sausage and fish finger. 

The first song released through their own label - Bathtime Sounds, ‘Eddie Murphy’ marks the first in a series of forthcoming releases from the pair; setting them up for an exciting 2021.

Check out 'Eddie Murphy' below.