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Sugar Nova offer up their captivating debut album 'Halogen'

Ever since they released their breakthrough debut single 'Send Me Higher' last year, Sugar Nova, a collaboration between Luke Miller (from the band Lotus) and Denver-based singer Rachel Eisenstat, have been on an exceptional rise. Churning out one breathtaking offering after another in the last twelve months, they have finally reached the end of their current journey as they deliver their captivating debut album 'Halogen'.

While very much tuned into a sprawling electro-pop sound throughout this new collection, 'Halogen' still makes for a wildly diverse listen. With its notably fresh aesthetic that has this wonderfully catchy texture as it plays, they are capping off this last year with a brilliantly engaging delight, brimming with inventive ideas throughout.

While much of this material was shared throughout the last few months, hearing all of it in one place shows exactly how progressive and adventurous they have been within their sound since they first arrived. Branching their direction into new and exciting avenues as often as possible, they are cementing themselves as truly visionaries on the underground pop scene right now.

Enjoy 'Halogen' below.

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