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Summer Payton delivers a chilling performance in the video for her new track, ‘Spotlight’

When it comes to creativity and originality, Summer Payton certainly delivers on her new track, ‘Spotlight’. R&B fans will be obsessed with Summer’s inspiring talent and her ability to captivate listeners with her every word and throwback sound. The accompanying video further amplifies Summer’s lyrical storytelling and well and truly puts her in the hot seat. Expect soulful harmonies and unforgettable, earworming choruses.

Discussing the new track, Summer shares: “We wanted to explore that concept of being interrogated, being the person possibly in the wrong in a relationship and what that feels like. And what it feels like is that there’s an inescapable spotlight on you, sitting in the hot seat. It flowed so naturally and effortlessly and we just had fun! Probably the most fun I’ve ever had writing and recording a song. So when it was time to put my album together, I knew Spotlight had to make the tracklist.”

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