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Supergroup ‘World Goes Round’ Release Special Edition Vinyl With Viper Records

Released on the 8th of October 2021, World Goes Round put out a special edition vinyl of some of their greatest tracks, with Viper Records. Produced and written in Musker’s Laurel Canyon studio in Los Angeles, the 80s underground supergroup uncover the unheard records that got lost but are now ready to be heard by the world.

Whose talents have created music with some of the most notable musicians and artists, influencing not just the music industry, but have managed to impact the entire world – Queen, Chaka Khan, Quincy Jones, Kenny Rodgers, and Neil Diamond, to mention only a few - the band have an unmatched essence when it comes to musicianship. Having now completed this project thirty years later, World Goes Round have managed to produce a remarkable record; one that is bound to resonate and remind fans of the brilliance of the 80s era.

With standout tracks such as Rebel Heat and Great Talker, you can hear the heart and soul that has been poured into this work, in which the vinyl experience can only intensify. With an ode to the pandemic in some way too, Put It On The Line is a reflective track about overcoming resistance – Musker himself commenting, ‘it is dedicated to all the ordinary everyday heroes everywhere who put themselves on the line and in harm’s way each and every day for us.’

World Goes Round special edition vinyl now available.

Order a copy of the vinyl and find out more about this remarkable band:

Words by Charlotte Bromley



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