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Sweet Randi Love drops new single 'Yes To Life'

Sweet Randi Love’s new offering comes in the form of a collaboration with Jack Spade. The track comes in the form of a feel-good anthem, and praise comes in the form of a simply irresistible urge to add this track to your summer playlists. ‘Yes To Life’ fuses the lines between Hip-Hop and a fantastic soul sound, accompanied by Sweet Randi Love’s authentic and heartfelt delivery.

Talking about the meaning of the new track, Sweet Randi Love shares: “Embrace and love yourself flaws and all. Love life, every part of it, never give up on life, say yes to all life has to offer, keep trying, keep moving forward.”

She’s definitely not short of praise, with recording performances including Rick James, James Brown, Gladys Horton of the Marvelettes, Luther Ingram, and Kris Lamans of the Platters to name a few. With a strong live performance, we feel that her latest release will do nothing but add her into the forefront of stardom.



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