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Taite showcases powerful bars in new single "Here We Go"

Carl Lamar David Taite Jr. is the mastermind behind Taite, a rising star within the hip-hop field. Taite has been writing music for a long time, but only made his Spotify debut in 2021. However, his musical quality shined through and the track was met with a warm reception. His latest single "Here We Go" has gone down in a similar way.

"Here We Go" features a powerful combination of hard hitting drums and heartwarming piano lines. On top, his unique bars cut through the mix, working hand in glove with his well-penned bars. Taite combines contemporary and new, with his music paying homage to major inspirations, whilst he quite clearly has his own unique sound.

Speaking about the single, he reveals: “'Here We Go' was written from the mindset of the swag and the grittiness of my city. It encompasses everything Detroit stands for, is made of and what it instilled in me. I wrote it in 45 minutes and recorded it in less than an hour. I also engineered, mixed and mastered the song on my own which took about a month. I do that with every record I release, that's why they all have a special place in my heart. Every song is constructed 100% by me and has every fabric of who I am as an artist in them. The amount of detail I put in 'Here We Go' is subtle but if you throw on some headphones and take the time to listen closely, you can hear why it took me 30 days to completely finish this track.”

With over a million streams on Spotify, you don't need to just take our word for how good the track is. It's clear to see that Taite should definitely be on everyone's radar.



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