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Talented rapper Gavlyn drops empowering new single 'Activities'

Working with many legends in the music scene and featuring on Snoop Dogg's renowned 'GGN News' as well as growing YouTube channel 'COLORS' with shows alongside the likes of Wu-Tang Clan, Mac Miller and Schoolboy Q, Latin American rapper and well-established talent Gavlyn has released her brand new single 'Activities'.

The track marks yet another enticing and empowering release, as Gavlyn strikes listeners with her trademark and ferocious lyricism while flawlessly combining hard-hitting basslines and captivating melodies for a track that is destined to get listeners moving. Her latest offering will also be accompanied by an exciting official music video next week.

“The track is about freedom, change and growth, how sometimes we need to heal ourselves in order to become a better version of ourselves. It's about saying goodbye to the old me.” - Gavlyn

Gavlyn has been deeply rooted in the rap scene for more than a decade. Her debut album 'From the Art' went viral and gained 10 million views, leading to a worldwide touring schedule.This year welcomes another busy year for the growing rapper with more singles dropping this year, Gavlyn continues to prove that she is an artist not to be missed.


Listen to 'Activities' in full:


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