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Tapwaterlucy releases irresistible new single “Speed Dial” 

Tapwaterlucy is back with a unique sounding and infectious single “Speed Dial.” Drums smash through the mix, whilst robotic synths ebb and flow between. Her vocal land on top and are irresistible and work hand in glove with well-penned lyrics. Tapwaterlucy manages to push genre boundaries and barriers to create her own signature sound which she fully showcases on her latest single.

Speaking about the track, she shares: “Speed Dial is a song about a point in your life where you’re transitioning from being a teenager to a young adult and not feeling like you can rely on your friends like you used to be able to anymore. When you’re younger, at least for me, your friends are your entire life and then you reach this point where you and everyone around you is either moving out or in relationships or focusing on their careers which is amazing and beautiful but there’s also hurt that comes with that change and growing up so that’s what I wanted to write about.

Tapwaterlucy is quickly becoming a rising star within the electropop field. Her music fully connects with people, covering topics from love to empowerment. With a truly unique sound and a positive message, we can see her reaching the very top.

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