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Tayah shows that she’s a multi-faceted artist with her new dual single ‘Is It Me Hennessy’

Tayah showcases her intoxicating R&B sound with a double single that sees two, equally alluring, sides of her artistry with two tracks of the same name: ‘Is It Me Hennessy’. The A-side sees Tayah’s powerful and warming vocals crescendo in waves, oozing a rhythmic and skilfully resonated tone that is spellbinding, thoughtful and emotional. The B-side is a soothing antidote, atmospheric and harmony-rich, capturing Tayah’s soulful sound with a track that throws it back to the seventies.

Tayah’s motto is: "Love is bittersweet; it's up to you to make it bitter or sweet."- perfectly encapsulating her infectious outlook and lyricism.

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