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Teenage-pop sensation Finn O'Hara releases new single "You Deserve A Better Man"

Dublin's Finn O' Hara has a real talent for penning a good pop song. This was proven by his debut release ‘Silhouette,' a song that quickly found an audience on TikTok, translating to hundreds of thousands of Spotify streams.

His new offering comes in the form of single 'You Deserve A Better Man.' An infectious pop song that has soothing melodies over a grooving canvas. The chorus is a belter, a catchy melody making it a perfect summertime singalong. Finn explores toxic relationships with a sympathetic tone encouraged by producer and mix engineer Richey McCourt (Will Young, Pixie Lott, Matt Cardle).

Speaking to us about the release, he says: "I initially wrote the track about a friend of mine who feels she can never find the right person for her and was stuck in a situationship that was very toxic. I took lots of inspiration from different posts I had seen in social media where people feel they’re never good enough for more than a one night stand which I found really frustrating and sad to see, giving rise to the one night stand line in the chorus."

Seeing as he only started writing songs in the pandemic, it's clear to see that his talent is developing at a rapid rate. With a fantastic debut and sophomore single, we can't wait to see what's next.



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