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Teghan offers something beautiful in folk single ‘Our Garden’

Teghan Devon is an artist that you can immediately tell has a love and passion for songwriting. Her truly emotional and spiralling songs speak straight from the heart and soul, and it's captivating to listen to. Her newest offering 'Our Garden' is a gentle, soft and enriching from the very first second, in a song that is written solely for a close friend.

“I originally wrote “Our Garden" for a friend to make them feel better after they had their heart broken. I forgot about it and recently found a demo of the song. It shined through as genuine and heartfelt because I wrote it for someone I cared so much about.

Teghan captures the essence of writing a song so beautifully, and 'Our Garden' is just another example of her finely crafted art form. Get lost in her stripped back brilliance and beautiful vocals now.

Listen to 'Our Garden' in full here:

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