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Tenacity release ambient new single "Out of The Dark"

"Out of The Dark" is the latest offering from Tenacity and comes in the form of ambient soundscape single "Out Of The Dark." Ula's vocal compliments the intricately produced canvas and features emotionally penned lyrics that will conjure up images of retrospective sadness and future hope.

Speaking about the release: "Sometimes feelings can be difficult to explain in words, and putting them into music feels like the only way to achieve relief. ‘Out Of The Dark’ is a hopeful reflection on things that went wrong, a serenade for past mistakes and a better future. I hope this can help someone feel understood (and make their head bop a bit.)

Ula and bassist Tim Burghaus moved to London five years ago to study at The BRIT School and quickly bonded, starting work as a songwriter and producer duo. It was here that they crossed paths with proghead guitarist Daniel Lazenby and fusion master Simba Jindu and decided to collaborate.

Since then, the group have played at countless London venues, self-produced the ‘There/Gone’ EP, and are now preparing for their breakthrough album release, ‘Long Faint Lights.’ With much more in store, we can't wait for the future.

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